Of Off-Days and Rain Delays

So a few days since I’ve written, eh?  And yes, I know, the off day is gone.  But thanks to a computer meltdown, I’haven’t had a chance to update til now. 

Every diehard baseball fan knows what I’m talking about.  Off days are horrid.  Especially when the happen to fall upon one of your days off from work, and you’re stuck with pretty much nothing to do.  The Tuesday nights game was delayed by rain.  Apparently a monsoon decided to descend upon the Midwest.  I’m  not a patient person.  I don’t like to wait for anything, let alone baseball.  Which might explain some of my frustration to the Cardinals to this point.   They’re slow start has been equal parts painful and frustrating, with a a little "cute" and "hilarious" thrown in now and then.  (How, how… did we get beat by Jason Marquis?!)  But hopefully now, given the last couple of games, they’re back "into the swing" of things.  More guys are putting the ball into play, working the counts a little fuller, taking better swings, and yes… actually winning a game or two.

It’s the Cubs this weekend, one of sports best rivalries at it’s finest.  We took two-of-three last weekend; it is my sincere hope I can pull out my broom by weekends end.





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